Alzheimer’s Care at Home

Caring for seniors whom are afflicted with Alzheimer’s can be tough. Alzheimer’s care is a care that requires skill, experience and patience. Alzheimer’s care is a care for which the caregiver must have compassion and commitment beyond that which most people possess and/or can fully understand.

This site contains information about Alzheimer’s symptoms and Alzheimer’s care at home. Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s care is progressive so having an adaptive attitude and also adaptive approach to Alzheimer home care is essential.

It is not uncommon for seniors who need Alzheimer’s care to deny their symptoms and more disturbingly try to hide their symptoms from loved ones. Therefore it is critically important that when you observe even minor changes in the state of your senior’s mental or physical health to have it checked medically as Alzheimer’s care may become more necessary.

Seniors should be checked by a medical professional regularly anyways so it is a good time to check those vital signs that may be indicators of a senior’s ability to sustain themselves independently.

Most all seniors want to remain at home as long as possible. So the family should, upon determination of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis for the senior, investigate Alzheimer’s home care.

The is a large amount that can be done for those Alzheimer’s patients at home for many years or longer depending upon the progression of their Alzheimer’s. In most cases home Alzheimer care support is quite viable for almost all Alzheimer’s patients except in cases where physical problems require ongoing medical attention or where cognitive problems require more controlled around the clock supervision

Alzheimer’s care is best done using the following guidelines:

  • Care for the Alzheimer’s caregiver is most important otherwise the entire care plan can fall apart quickly
  • The Alzheimer’s caregiver should remain constant rather than the senior, whose short term memory may not be reliable, experience multiple caregivers and changes in caregivers which can be upsetting and very disruptive
  • The Alzheimer’s home care should be done under the management of a thorough Home Care and Heath Assessment and documented care plan
  • Care for Alzheimer’s at home should ultimately be under the supervision of a doctor
  • It is extremely valuable for the family to allow a community based nurse to visit periodically for review and assessments of the senior and of the Alzheimer’s care plan
  • The primary caregiver (including a home care attendant that has been hired) should have training, skills and experience to support the senior effectively
  • The Alzheimer’s caregiver should maintain a written log book of all Alzheimer’s home care activities each day and any events out of the norm or anything the family wants recorded
  • Family visits frequently to maintain continuity and ensure caregiver and senior are doing well under the Alzheimer’s home care plan
  • Respite care for the Alzheimer’s caregiver as and when necessary