Toronto Senior Care has provided information and resources on this page that we hope helps you decide if home care is the best solution for you or your loved one. It is important to realize that each situation is unique and that home care for your loved senior is always a customized solution that addresses its unique aspects.

Do We Need Home Care?

Most times, there is not a simple answer to this question. It is true that most seniors will require home care in some form for short on long periods of time. Each situation is unique and involves careful thought and consideration of factors specific to you, your loved one and perhaps the broader family.

Home care is not something to be forced upon a senior and engaging them is very important for it to be successful. It might be useful to ask yourself a series of questions and the answers to those questions may help you determine if home care is an appropriate solution.

  1. Am I concerned about leaving my loved one at home alone for periods of time when I am away?
  2. Has the physical or mental condition of my loved one changed (declined) significantly to the point where I am having difficulties caring for them on my own?
  3. Has the condition of my loved one become serious and complex enough that it requires care giving skills and training of a professional caregiver?
  4. Are some people suggesting a longer term care facility might be more suitable for my loved one but I want to keep them at home

What Should I Look for in a Home Care Provider?

There are several basics factors to consider when evaluating a home care provider.

They include:
Has the provider been in operation for a number of years
Does the provider possess a good reputation?

Can the provider give you client references upon request which you can validate?

Does the provider offer a range of services now and in the future that can grow and adapt to your needs?
Can the provider effectively serve the area where your loved one lives? Do they other clients in the general area?
Does the provider listen to your requirements carefully and prepare a comprehensive and effective home care plan for your use?
Does the provider offer value in their services? Are the charges for their services competitive and reasonable?

If the answer to one or more of the question is YES then you should consider home care as a viable option for caring for your loved one. Home care can complement the care you and your family provide.

Useful Web Links For Seniors

  1. Aging and Seniors Website from Health Canada
  2. Alzheimer Society of Canada
  3. The Arthritis Society of Canada
  4. The Canadian Health Network
  5. Canadian Geriatric Society
  6. Heart and Stroke Foundation
  7. MS Resource Network
  8. Osteoporosis Society of Canada
  9. Cancer Society of Canada
  10. Elder Rage
  11. Community Care Access Centre of York Region
  12. Community Care Access Centre of Toronto
  13. Community Care Access Centre of Scarborough
  14. Community Care Access Centre of East York
  15. Community Care Access Centre of North York

Toronto Senior Care provides home health care for seniors who choose to live enriched lives while remaining in the comfort of their home. With our assisted living support, our clients can live independently with only the support that they require. Toronto Senior Care can offer as little as hourly visits all the way to full service 24 hours live in elderly care.