Nursing Homes

People all over continue to think that Nursing homes and retirement homes are one in the same, but actually the differences between the two are great. Retirement homes are a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens. In these retirement homes, it is not uncommon for an individual or couple to have their own apartment or suite, with addition facilities on grounds or near by.

Very similar to Nursing homes, the facilities provided in retirement homes include meals, gathering, recreation, and some form of health or hospice care. Residence in retirement homes can be paid for on a rental basis, like an apartment, or can be bought in perpetuity on the same basis as a condominium, this is not the case in Nursing homes.

Nursing homes are very much different from retirement homes. Nursing homes are generally for those seniors and residents whom are in constant need or nursing care, and are incapable of independently maintain themselves. Nursing homes are a place for seniors whom have serious and debilitating disabilities, either physically or cognitively. Residents in skilled Nursing homes may also receive physical, occupational, and other rehabilitative therapies following an accident or illness.

Live in home care or other home health care options do offer an exceptional alternative as opposed to Nursing homes, which in themselves can become quite expensive. Toronto Senior CareToronto has a variety of advantages over your run of the mill Nursing homes. The greatest gift of all to your senior is to help them retain his or her sense or independence and most importantly their dignity, Toronto Senior CareToronto’s services offer just that. Like Nursing homes, we can provide even 24 hour support if needed. Give us a chance and we will show you why Toronto Senior CareToronto is better then traditional Nursing homes.