Respite Care in Toronto

Respite Services Toronto are often needed for the caregiver who regularly provides care for the senior. Caring for seniors can, at times, be very demanding and tiring. One does not want to burn out the caregiver so the senior then does not have a reliable and familiar form of support.

We provide respite services Toronto for your caregiver for brief periods or longer periods or for whatever period you require.

Sometimes a friend or family member assumes the task of providing care for the senior out of love and certainly the best intentions but this at times can be overwhelming. It can be demanding physically and emotionally. In fact research has shown that a significant percentage of family caregivers whose vocation and training is not caregiving often suffer mental and physical issues and generally poorer health as a result of these duties with their loved ones. Respite services Toronto are thus very important.

Respite Care usually takes one of three forms:

1. A second caregiver can come to the senior even when the other caregiver is there thus allowing the primary
caregiver time for a rest or break
2. The senior can actually go to another facility briefly to provide the caregiver with a break in their work
3. The senior can also attend an adult day care program for part or most of a day or a few days each week

If you require more information about our care then please contact us for more details.