Long Distance Caregiving

We are here to ensure that we provide excellent short term or long term care Toronto for your senior when you or the family may live quite some distance away, perhaps not in the city, province or even in the country. We know from our years of experience that families can worry quite a bit about their loved senior(s) as they live so far away and are never sure if they are living safely and comfortably. You need to be 100% sure you have the right care in place that is highly reliable with no mistakes. It is also often essential that you receive regular updates from the caregiver about the health and well-being of your senior. Having a caregiver for the elderly in often can be essential to a seniors well being given physical or cognitive challenges they may have.

Particularly in the case of long term care Toronto when a senior’s physical or cognitive condition can change temporarily or permanently the family requires a care partner locally that knows the needs of the senior and of the family as well. They must have the intelligence and ability to recognize physical or cognitive problems early and alert those who need to be alerted that the senior may have an issue that requires attention potentially including medical attention. We doing everything within our power to take the worry off your shoulders since we know that a lack of reliability is not something you can manage from a distance. Today we have seniors who live alone and their families live in distant places like England, the U.S., Germany, the Middle East, etc. who are most satisfied with our long term care Toronto because we know that it is very important. One mistake means that the family worries about the possibility of another mistake so we would very hard not to make one mistake.

We offer the highest level of reliability with every senior whether they are under short term care or long term care Toronto. In the case where families do not have the opportunity to visit the senior frequently we can implement special methods to keep the families well informed on a regular basis concerning their loved one’s care and health. We encourage a direct and open dialogue between the family and the caregiver, and us as well. We believe that this approach is effective and makes the senior and the family feel much more comfortable that your loved one is receiving excellent support.