Why Choose Toronto Senior Care

Many seniors and their families may not be familiar with the concept of senior care from a healthcare company. They may also not be familiar with how to go about selecting a company that can provide excellent and highly reliable home care.

First, we can assure you that when working with Toronto Senior Care we make the process easy when acquiring senior care support for your loved one. We have been helping seniors and their families for over a decade and can take the work and worry away from you in a very responsible and reliable way.

Our senior clients and their families have told us over the years that they consider many factors when evaluating senior care support for their loved ones. Toronto Senior Care has taken this input to heart and have developed our senior care services so as to meet these stated needs.

Toronto Senior Care offers the following:

  1. Over 10 years of experience providing the highest quality senior care
  2. All care is supervised by healthcare professionals
  3. Services available 365 days per year without fail
  4. Services are made as affordable as possible through our assessment process
  5. All staff fully insured and bonded to provide you with peace of mind
  6. Highly skilled and compassionate caregivers. Our employees are carefully selected to have at least five years experience in home care support.
  7. Most comprehensive home care support services available including Companion care, Personal care, Specialty care and Nursing care. We offer a variety of services
  8. Flexible service hours any time:
    • The most economical 24 hour live-in care program
    • Split shifts during the day
    • Overnight care
    • Hourly care during the day
    • 3 to 4 hour minimum time per visit
  9. No long term contracts. Care can be changed or stopped with 24 hours notice.
  10. One of the most affordable and effective 24 Hour Live-In Care Programs.
  11. Free and comprehensive assessment of the senior’s home to ensure it is safe and ready for the best home care support.
  12. For highly dependent seniors we offer comprehensive service for those without family in the area, providing safe food, doctor visits, healthcare supplies, etc.
  13. Wide range of caregivers with varying cultural backgrounds and spoken languages to suit specific client request.
  14. No charge and no obligation Comprehensive Home Care Assessment and Care Plan tailored to the senior.
  15. Same day assessment and staffing available for emergencies
  16. Individualized Care Plans so you get the exact support you need when you need it.