Palliative Care   |  Live-in Care

Toronto Senior Care offers a wide range of senior services from a few hours a visit to 24 hours a day, all tailored to each senior.

  • » Hourly Care

    We provide services by the hour for a minimum of either 3 or 4 consecutive hours per visit depending upon where you live in the Toronto area. We can setup visits one or more days a week at any time through the day. We can split the day so a caregiver can come for a few hours early in the day and a few hours later in the day. Many seniors require support at both ends of their day. For this service we charge by the hour.

  • » Overnight Care

    We offer overnight care one or more nights per week. This involves a caregiver arriving no later than 10:00 pm in the evening and leaving after 6:00 pm in the morning. Depending upon the senior's needs the caregiver can remain up and alert all night or if the senior just needs secure companionship and light assistance a couple of times during the night the caregiver can sleep and get up as required. Charges will vary depending upon the approach.

  • » 24 Hour Care

    We offer care for 24 hour periods. A senor may need care one or more full 24 hour days per week. Depending upon the seniors specific conditions and needs care can be provided different ways including three 8 hour shifts, two 12 hour shifts or through the more affordable 24 Hour Live-in care (see below).

  • » Live-in Care

    Many families and seniors opt for Toronto Senior Care's 24 Hour Live-in care support because it is excellent and it is more affordable than paying for care by the hour when one if using more than 12 hours per day. Live-in Care involves a caregiver actually residing at the client's home for the days of the week he or she is on duty and providing care. They eat and sleep at the residence. They will get up during the night a few times to provide care as required. The senior does not necessarily require a bedroom for the caregiver as there are various options for the caregiver. This care is offered at less than half the cost of normal hourly care.

  • » Respite Care

    All the care listed here can also be used as respite care. If you have a caregiver who is going on vacation or is exhausted and needs a short or long break then we can help. This care can be arranged quickly and easily.

  • » Palliative Care

    In many ways the most fundamentally important care is end of life care. Every person deserves the utmost respect in life and it is of greatest importance that each person has this in their final days of life. We have seen over the years some incredible relationships developed between seniors and their caregivers. We offer specially trained caregivers who have great compassion, experience and skills to support the seniors.

Toronto Senior Care offers 4 levels of care depending upon the needs of the senior. Whether you have TSC helping you for a few hours or 24 hours you can also select what level of service (tier) you require.

There are four levels of care:

Companion Care
Companion level care is quite comprehensive and including companionship, meal preparation and serving, medication reminders and assistance, light housekeeping, laundry, ironing, monitoring food expiration, pet management, errands, shopping and much more.

Personal Care
Personal Care includes Companion Care services plus a comprehensive range of personal care services including bathing assistance, dressing assistance, incontinence assistance, application of lotions and much more.

Specialty Care
For seniors whose needs are more challenging we offer specialty care which includes Companion Care and personal Care services but focus on seniors who have more profound challenges. Seniors who are unable to walk and who may be bed bound, seniors who have an advanced form of dementia, seniors who may have a combination of physical and cognitive challenges are the focus of these services. These seniors require specially trained and experienced caregivers who have genuine compassion to provide excellent care.

Nursing Care
Toronto Senior Care offers various levels of nursing services based on detailed client assessments.