Who Needs Homecare?

When is the right time for home care? This, of course, is question that faces almost all families at some point in time. Most seniors do require senior care support at some point and for some period of time in their lives. Home care may serve simply to help a senior recover from a temporary health setback or it may be longer term for a more chronic health problem. There are five Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that people perform to survive and function in daily life. These are feeding, dressing, toileting, hygiene and ambulation (ie: walking, mobility). If individuals are not able to perform any one or more Activity of Daily living, other ADLs may be affected as a consequence. Toronto Senior Care provides no-charge, no-obligation, in-home assessments by experienced, professional Care Managers who help determine if there is a need for some form of care.

How much does homecare cost?

Senior home care is the best value and most comprehensive form of care available. Toronto Senior Care’s Care Managers arrange economical solutions by using an innovative assessment tool designed to calculate the fewest number of hours needed for a senior’s specific care plan. The costs associated with home care vary depending upon the type of service being provided. If you require several hours care charges would be by the hour. If you required live-in care (24 hours per day) then daily charges would apply which are far less than the regular hourly charges on an hourly basis. Please contact us to learn more about our personalized in-home care plans.

Why are your caregivers called Personal Assistants?

The term Personal Assistant is important to you in that it makes it clear that the caregiver is there to “serve’ the senior. They are not there to obtain favours for themselves. All our Personal Assistants are trained and offer sufficient experience to know that they are with the senior to provide the best care and service possible.

What is live-in care?

Live-in Care is an approach and a service we provide for seniors who require care for every hour of the day. This may be for one day a week or for up to seven days per week. Live-in care is a cost effective 24-hour supervision solution, where the Personal Assistant assists the client by day and by night as well. There are two options for Live-In Care. They include care by one caregiver who remains with the senior during the day and night and resides with the senior. The second option is when two caregivers divide each day but do not reside with the senior. Many of our clients use Live-in Care as a very cost-effective solution for comprehensive care for seniors who require ongoing support.

Are there minimum care requirements?

Toronto Senior Care has established a comprehensive set of care requirements that at a minimum serve to ensure that all our senior clients receive absolutely the best home care support possible. These standards have been established and tested over many years and have served our seniors well.

How do you select your Personal Assistants?

Toronto Senior Care’s's Personal Assistants (which can be Caregivers, Personal Support Workers or Health Care Aides) are selected for their expertise, experience, compassion and reliability. Every Toronto Senior Care staff member is subject to a criminal background check, a thorough interview process, a competency test and personal and employment reference checks. All employees are bonded and insured by Toronto Senior Care. Many of our employees have been with us for many years and thus we also benefit from our knowledge of their skills and experience.

What makes Toronto Senior Care different from other homecare agencies?

The Toronto Senior Care experience is unique. Together, our Care Managers, Personal Assistants and support create a harmonious care experience for our valued clients. Over the years many clients have returned to us time and time again for ongoing senior care support. That says we are a provider of excellent and reliable services.

What if a Personal Assistant is unable to be present for a scheduled appointment?

Toronto Senior Care recruits and retains exceptional staff. We maintain a large and growing staff of excellent people and their skills. In the event one is unable to be present, Toronto Senior Care will provide another staff member to meet or exceed your needs and expectations.

Who pays the Personal Assistant?

Toronto Senior Care is responsible for all the administrative, billing, payroll and tax concerns involved in the employee process.

How do I set up services?

The process to setup home care services is simple and straightforward. If you have decided to proceed with home care services one of our Care Managers will conduct a no-charge and no-obligation consultation and assessment with you. With this information we will prepare a highly flexible, personalized and suitable care plan is developed. We will then select a highly qualified staff member for you who will then proceed to provide care.