Toronto Senior Care has served thousands of seniors over many years from the simplest to the most complex and demanding care. Here is what they had to say about our services…

“I live in England and my father lives near Toronto. He needed immediate care and I was so far away there was little I could do. I contacted Toronto Senior Care and they stepped in and gave me great comfort and confidence by providing the highest quality care I could expect without any problems. It took a great worry off my mind. They kept me updated by email regularly so I had a good perspective about my father’s wellbeing.”…Samantha S.

“My mother has advanced Alzheimer’s and my father had early dementia. It had become extremely difficult for the family to provide care themselves. Toronto Senior Care placed a caregiver with my mother who was truly an angel for my mom. The caregiver was able to get my mom to perform her activities of daily living which was something we could not get her to do. The caregiver was so compassionate and caring that we and my mom bonded to her.”….Lisa M.

“My father needed immediate 24 hour care while in the hospital as he would get up and fall all the time and injure himself. Toronto Senior Care was able to move very quickly to put a team of caregivers with my father throughout the week and provided wonderful care. In fact, the staff nurse at the hospital commented to the family how good the TSC staff were with my father.”….A. Jacobs

“My husband and I were going on a one month travel vacation and we very worried about who could take care of my mother who had dementia and did not want anybody other than me to take care of her. I could not believe that Toronto Senior Care was able to properly assess my mother and provide a caregiver with whom my mother became very close. When we returned she still wanted the caregiver to come and be with her. I was more than surprised by how well it worked.”….B. Aslin