Costs of Home Care Service

Just like with everything else, you get what you pay for. It also means that you do need to compare services and prices to obtain the value your loved one deserves. When it comes to home care service for elderly parents or grandparents, cutting corners should not be an option. Cutting corners can result in inadequate home care service performed by unqualified individuals. This can create worry and unnecessary problems.

As a company we do see that people who want the lowest price with the most demanding services usually end up having problems. You should seek good value but not the cheapest service you can find.

When you acquire senior home care during the day time on weekdays or weekends you will be charged a rate by the hour as staff are paid by the hour for day shift work. Weekend rates should be the same as weekday rates. If it is one of the nine civic holidays through the year then typically 1.5 times the regular hourly rate is charged. If you require overnight care, depending upon the specific seniors needs you could be charged by the hour or a lower flat rate for the entire night shift. If the caregiver needs to remain up and alert all night then typically an hourly rate is charged. If the caregiver can sleep during the night and get up a few times briefly to attend to the senior then a lesser flat rate could be charged if available.

If you seek 24 hour care for one day or several days or ongoing then the most affordable method is to acquire Live-In Care where a caregiver lives at the senior’s home and provides care under the guidance of a documented care plan. There a various ways to approach live-in care and a Home Care Assessment will help specify which way is best. Live-in care typically is charged on a flat rate basis per day which is far less than charging by the hour.

Home Care Assessment and Projected Costs

Toronto Senior Care, through consultation with the senior and his or her family, and with the development of a Home Care Assessment can properly estimate the projected costs of home care services for each senior. Our goal is to provide the essential services and make them as affordable as possible. In that way we help meet the needs of the senior and their family.

The Home Care Assessment asks a range of questions that ascertains the seniors conditions and support needs. It also answers a number of key questions including the amount of care each day and each week, what level of service, the overall projected duration of care and much more.

Various elements in the Assessment can be adjusted to fit specific budgets.